Unleash the Joy

for all that dogs bring to our lives. Their presence provides companionship and laughter to our days as well as comfort to our nights, and so much more! I am truly blessed with so many wonderful dogs in my life–my very own three along with the ones belonging to you, which you’ve entrusted to me for teaching and learning. I am honored and have so much for which to be grateful…

Holiday greeting card with Bull Terrier, Chocolate Labrador, and Spinone Italiano

Unleash the joy puppies bring to our lives! All the different shapes and sizes, different colors and coat lengths, yet they all have one thing in common: they make us laugh! It was so much fun working with Loki, Nova, Molly, Olive, Carlos, Mia, Jubilee, and Arlo. We socialized, played, explored, and discovered a myriad of ways to pack a Kong, fill a Toppl, and hide kibble in a snuffle mat. We were rewarded with clever puppies who not only slept soundly, but were brave and bold and delighted to accompany us to new places.

Unleash the joy for those rescued dogs! It never ceases to warm my heart to find fabulous dogs have landed in forever homes–with guardians who bestow the gift of patience and allow time to work its magic: “Yes, you are home, for good, for always.” Freddie had never met a stranger and greeted everyone with his exuberant jumping. But what a clever boy, learning eagerly to greet guests with an entertaining Spin, much to the delight (and relief) of visitors entering his home. And beautiful Keiko- who, after spending the first 7 months of her life locked in a crate, took such delight and pleasure in simply being out in her yard. It gave me pause to realize just how much I take for granted and how very fortunate I am. Then there’s lovely Bea- gentle and sweet, intelligent and good-natured, she was eager to puzzle out what was being asked of her. It was such a gift working with and learning alongside these resilient creatures who, despite their back story, were still able to trust yet again, remaining friendly and optimistic, giving love freely and without reservation, one more time.

Unleash the joy for whatever kind of dog you are fortunate enough to have in your life! Celebrate the bond you share, the trust you’ve built, and the love… oh, there is always so much love! Happy Holidays my dear friends- both two-footed and four; I wish you peace, joy, health and contentment in 2020.