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Over a Decade of Finn

I write about Aoife because she is as cute as a button and as entertaining as the Cirque du Soleil. I write about Enzo because he is epileptic and sharing my sorrow has helped to ease the burden of his affliction. I rarely write about Finn. Why is that? Because Finn is a mountain, solid and dependable. He is so easy… and due to that, I have sometimes taken him for granted.

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The Last Kindness

This is about Gracie Lou O, the beloved Boxer who graced my daughter’s family with love, laughter, and five years of snuffles, snorts, and pretzel-twisting greetings.  Those of you who have Boxers know exactly what I’m talking about.  It’s also about the difficult, painful, ‘how-do-you-honestly-know-it’s-time?’ decision surrounding euthanasia. Continue reading “The Last Kindness”

Listening to Bess

Denise Fenzi, a world renowned dog trainer, blogger, and owner of the online school Fenzi Dog Sports Academy wrote a post recently entitled “I Have an Old Dog”.  Poignantly written with honesty, humor, and kindness, it hit home for me.  Bess is somewhere around 10 years of age and as my dear friend née dog walker has said, “And those first five years were hard years…”  Finn is coming up on 11 and experiencing difficulty not only climbing the stairs, but coming down them as well.  As I reflected upon what I’d read, I realized my dogs are aging gracefully; it is me who is grappling with the process and struggling with what it signifies…

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