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My Destination Dog

is on a journey…

Many of you have read my posts with regards to Enzo and his epilepsy. It’s been a very tough week; he’s experienced three grand mal seizures in two days after not even a week’s respite since the last one. I am sad, anxious, and scared. We will be traveling two hours to see a canine neurologist on Wednesday. He is no longer responding to the medications.

We had a wonderful, successful 53-day stint back in April; I thought we’d found our Nirvana. But it was not to be. He seized. Three days later, again, just one. Seventeen days- one again. Twelve days, now two. Twelve days once again with two back-to-back; he was once more clustering. During this period of time, there were several trips to the veterinarian. Extensive blood work was performed, a full-blown physical, and two of his four medications were adjusted. He continues to seize and we cannot get past seven days.

Every once in awhile, I reminisce, thinking back to when we first started. Such high hopes. Such joy working with and training and being with this boy. We had plans! We were going places! We initially started doing field work in the hopes he would earn his NA title through NAVHDA. When I discovered he was gun-shy, we turned to tracking training. I took it for granted that he would earn his AKC Tracking Dog title and his AKC Canine Good Citizen title, I didn’t care which came first. I hadn’t a care in the world. I was clueless as to what the future actually held for us.

Now, he lays behind my chair- completely worn out from both this morning’s seizure and the post-seizure medications he’s been given on top of his regular dosages. I had a destination in mind when I got Enzo. Then I realized that we weren’t going to wind up in Italy as planned. I adjusted… perhaps Paris? (I wrote a blog about it.) Now, I’ve come to understand this is a journey. There is no destination in mind anymore. I will simply be grateful if he’s able to live each day in peace, free from seizures. I will be thankful to have him in good health. I will be happy (and so very blessed) to have him be by my side for many more years. If it’s not too much to ask, and you have a moment, please say a prayer for this wonderful dog. He means the world to me.