dog training

What training method is used?

We will use what is commonly called “force-free” training. The science behind this method is based upon Ivan Pavlov’s research with dogs (conditioned emotional response) and B.F. Skinner’s work with operant conditioning.

Do you do telephone consults?

Presently, I offer a free 10-minute telephone consult which helps us decide what would best suit you and your dog’s needs. I also offer more in-depth consults, as well as classes via Zoom.

What types of classes do you offer and how do they work?

Currently, I offer private in-home classes.  In-home classes are scheduled on Mondays but I do have some early afternoon and evenings available mid-week.  Call to inquire about available times.

How far will you travel for private lessons in my home?

I will travel up to 25 minutes from my home.  Please don’t hesitate to call so we can verify the travel time.

What happens if I cannot attend a class?

Unless you give me a 48-hour notice, the class will be forfeit.  My training schedule is often booked out several weeks in advance, so unless it is an emergency please plan accordingly.

Does my dog need to have certain vaccinations for these classes?

Your dog will need to be up-to-date on core vaccines:  Distemper, Parvovirus, and Rabies.

I have more than one dog. Will you train both?

Yes, I will help you train both of your dogs. There is an additional, discounted fee for the second dog and those classes typically run for 50 minutes versus the 45.

Does training stop in bad weather?

Well, that depends upon how bad…. I believe in training in a variety of conditions, but safety is paramount, so classes will be cancelled if roads are unsafe for travel.

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