About Us

Cheryl Cornett, M.Ed, CPDT, ANWI

Trainer & Owner of Leash & Hand

Cheryl Cornett and her dog Enzo

A certified professional dog trainer, Cheryl has lived with and loved dogs all her life. From strays to rescues to fosters, purebreds and mixed, she adores them all. 

She’s volunteered her time and expertise at local shelters and rescues, providing kennel enrichment for the dogs as well as training and mentoring for the volunteers. 

Cheryl’s background includes a B.S. in Early Childhood Education, a Masters in Elementary Mathematics, and graduation from CATCH Canine Trainers Academy, Master Class. A  former school teacher, Cheryl has found a striking parallel between the best practices currently used to help young children learn new concepts and the most effective methodology to teach canines new behaviors.  And the very best part?  Both can be accomplished without coercion, fear, or pain.

Enzo,  In memoriam

09-26-2017 to 04-26-2021  

Spinone Italiano

My Dog EnzoBarbara Bagnata Ragazzo Dolche, AKC CGC, TKI, TEAM NW1

A sweet and gentle ‘old’ soul, he frequently assisted Cheryl with leash reactive and fearful dogs.  Suffering from severe idiopathic epilepsy, he was taken far too soon.  He is deeply missed.

Aoife, Court Jester

Bull Terrier

aiofe - bull terrierAoife (pronounced Ee-fa) is the newest addition to our staff.  At 18 months of of age she is often a naughty adolescent and likes to push all the boundaries. (Her AKC Canine Good Citizen in nowhere in sight…  she keeps Cheryl humble.) 

Aoife adores nose work and has her DDN title with the US Canine Scent Sports and her NW1 title with the National Association of Canine Scent Work.

When not sniffing out a hide, Aoife enjoys mischief, merry-making, and making people laugh.  She ends each busy day snuggled on the couch next to Cheryl.